Phosphorised Copper Nuggets,Copper Balls,Phosphorus Copper Anodes

Copper Nuggets

We specialize in manufacturing high-purity copper nuggets, which find primary application in the electroplating industry. Our copper nuggets are meticulously crafted with a purity level of 99.99% copper and contain less than 10 PPM of oxygen. These nuggets ensure outstanding results in copper plating processes. Additionally, we also offer Phosphorised copper nuggets with a minimum copper purity of 99.9%. Our copper nuggets are versatile and widely utilized in various applications such as coin blanks, rotogravure printing cylinders, printed circuit boards, decorative plating, radiators, automotive parts, and diverse electroplating industries.

Copper Balls

Our copper balls are meticulously designed exclusively for electroplating procedures, guaranteeing reliable and consistent copper plating results. These expertly crafted balls ensure uniform plating and superior adhesion, meeting the stringent standards of electroplating applications. Manufactured from high-quality copper with a minimum purity of 99.9% and phosphorus content ranging from 0.04% to 0.06%, our copper balls are extensively used in various sectors, including automotive, electrical, and decorative plating industries.

Copper Anodes

We specialize in the production of copper anodes, essential for achieving top-quality copper plating. Our high-purity copper anodes are available in various forms, including rods and slabs, and boast a purity level of 99.99% with oxygen content below 10 parts per million (PPM). We offer options such as Phosphorised copper anodes, which feature controlled phosphorus levels (0.04% to 0.06%) for enhanced corrosion resistance. In the electroplating industry, our copper anodes are extensively utilized for projects involving printed circuit boards, decorative plating, and more.

Oxygen Free Copper

Copper Purity - 99.99 %
Oxygen - Less than 10 PPM
Other Impurity - Nill

Phosphorised Copper

Copper Purity - 99.9 %
Phosphorus - 0.04 to 0.08 %
Other Impurity - 0.030 % max


Coin Blanks
Rotogravure Printing Cylinders
Printed Circuit Board
Decorative Plating
Automotive Parts
Electroplating Industries


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Phosphorised Copper Nuggets,Copper Balls,Phosphorus Copper Anodes